We are now offering Montessori Curriculum for early childhood ages 3yrs – 6 yrs! Call now to schedule a tour!

At this age, children are meeting new challenges as fast as they come. Crawling, walking and eventually running are levels they accomplish in what seems like a blink of an eye.

Children learn best if they are in a stimulating environment. Music, stories, outdoor play, and learning simplicities envelop much of the day. Our caregivers are dedicated in helping each child develop these skills through a trusting and loving relationship.

Our age appropriate toys provide many opportunities for the development of motor and language skills, and the
A parental daily report is given to update each family on meal times, nap times, toilet training and all activities accomplished each day.

Our aim is to keep your child engaged and interested, yet still provide plenty of time for rest and unstructured playtime.

We send out a parent newsletter each month that outlines the curriculum, each teacher posts weekly lesson plans on outside the classroom and a daily report is sent home each day.

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  1. Hi. I would like to know about the toddler program and how much it costs for weekly 3 days or something like that for my 22 months old boy. Please give me a call at 317-515-2236. Thanks

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