**ATTENTION PARENTS** My World Child Care Center Is Now Certified For Continuation of  Services to Essential Persons. Qualifying families needing child care services should reach out to us at 908-421-1092 or by email at myworldchildcenter@gmail.com  –  Please continue to check for future updates.

The Importance of Childcare After You Move

Moving to a new city after selling your home can be nerve-wracking not only for adults, but for children as well. It’s important for parents to properly transition their children to new environments, such as schools and daycare facilities. When parents work, childcare becomes very important. They want their children to thrive in a nurturing … Read More “The Importance of Childcare After You Move”

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Transitioning from traditional to Montessori approach

Dear Parent: Welcome to My World Child Care Center ! I am excited to inform you that starting September 2017, we will be transitioning our 3 to 6 year olds classrooms from the traditional approach to a Montessori approach. We at My World are dedicated to ensure that your child receives the highest quality education. … Read More “Transitioning from traditional to Montessori approach”

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Learning and Growing

The month of March was adjective month, where we were teaching Pre K and Kindergarten children how to use adjectives to describe their surroundings. It is wonderful to be able to look back and see what they have learned and applied.

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Putting the “Fun” in Learning

It is very important for children to learn at an early age the learning can be fun. If we wake up their curiosity and show them how to use it they will become ‘life long’ learners, always reaching for more.

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