**ATTENTION PARENTS** My World Child Care Center Is Now Certified For Continuation of  Services to Essential Persons. Qualifying families needing child care services should reach out to us at 908-421-1092 or by email at myworldchildcenter@gmail.com  –  Please continue to check for future updates.

Our Kindergarten is based on a specific curriculum to ensure that your child has a great foundation for the rest of their education. Our goal is that your child will be reading at the appropriate level when they go into first grade.

Phonics instruction is an integral part of learning to read, and children’s abilities develop best in an environment where language learning is both meaningful and functional. With the help of these lesson units children get ample opportunity for guided and independent practice. We use Sadlier Phonics Programs and our intention is inspire in our kindergarteners a lifelong love of reading!


In the first half of Kindergarten, children will study position, classification, comparison, patterns, and numbers recognition to 31. Later in the year, children will be introduced to a number of fundamental match concepts such as addition readiness, subtraction readiness, money, time, measurement, and numbers to 100.

Science / Social Studies

Age appropriate introduction of concepts such as; animals, plants, world, oceans, good health and nutrition, safety and nature. We have compiled over 50 core discovery experiences that are intrinsically interesting and fun, and they also lead to questioning and a desire to know more.

Other Activities – Plays with Children

Dramatic play/performances help us create an enriching experience providing both personal and academic rewards, such as: Self-esteem, Sharing, Cooperation Responsibility, Problem-Solving, and Practice Academic Skills of reading, research, math, art, movement, and music.

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