**ATTENTION PARENTS** My World Child Care Center Is Now Certified For Continuation of  Services to Essential Persons. Qualifying families needing child care services should reach out to us at 908-421-1092 or by email at myworldchildcenter@gmail.com  –  Please continue to check for future updates.

A good preschool can make a difference in a child’s future school years. We offer individual programs for children to help them learn in an environment that is stress-free and fun. Some specific learning centers our preschoolers explore are music, science, math, language arts and manipulative play.

Our well-trained staff create a wonderful learning experience for your child. We use Sadlier Phonics programs to start your child off on the right path when it comes to reading. Children’s abilities develop best in an environment where language learning is both meaningful and functional. Clear, succinct lessons from Sadlier Phonics include instructions on phonemic awareness, sound to symbol, blending, onsets/rimes, discriminating between long and short vowels, reading words, writing words, readers and take-home books.

The Sadlier programs provide what it needed to meet the latest educational mandates, with innovative ways to reach not only students, but teachers and parents as well.

We make sure to integrate all learning with plenty of fun, engaging your child in various ways from encouraging them to participate in circle time to allowing them to express their creativity with crafts.

Each day, we send home a report that will let you know what your child has eaten and will give you an idea of what kind of day your child experienced.

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