**ATTENTION PARENTS** My World Child Care Center Is Now Certified For Continuation of  Services to Essential Persons. Qualifying families needing child care services should reach out to us at 908-421-1092 or by email at myworldchildcenter@gmail.com  –  Please continue to check for future updates.

Summer Program

MY WORLD Summer Day Care Program and Summer Enrichment Program With June quickly approaching, the administration and staff are already planning an exciting summer program for infants through kindergarten. We also have a Summer Enrichment Program for children entering grades 1 through 4, which will emphasize math, reading and writing as part of the fun … Read More “Summer Program”

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Our Kindergarten is based on a specific curriculum to ensure that your child has a great foundation for the rest of their education. Our goal is that your child will be reading at the appropriate level when they go into first grade. Phonics instruction is an integral part of learning to read, and children’s abilities … Read More “Kindergarten”

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A good preschool can make a difference in a child’s future school years. We offer individual programs for children to help them learn in an environment that is stress-free and fun. Some specific learning centers our preschoolers explore are music, science, math, language arts and manipulative play. Our well-trained staff create a wonderful learning experience … Read More “Preschoolers”

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At this age, children are meeting new challenges as fast as they come. Crawling, walking and eventually running are levels they accomplish in what seems like a blink of an eye. Children learn best if they are in a stimulating environment. Music, stories, outdoor play, and learning simplicities envelop much of the day. Our caregivers … Read More “Toddlers”

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Our infant program is designed to foster the best possible early development of your child’s mind. We have created a bright colorful environment that supports your child’s growth. We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment that meets the needs of both you and your child. Our staff knows how to empathize with our … Read More “Infants”

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