**ATTENTION PARENTS** My World Child Care Center Is Now Certified For Continuation of  Services to Essential Persons. Qualifying families needing child care services should reach out to us at 908-421-1092 or by email at myworldchildcenter@gmail.com  –  Please continue to check for future updates.

Spring is such an exciting time of year, with the new growth on the trees, flowers beginning to blossom and thoughts of cold and snow receding as the weather warms up.

At My World Child Care we always make Spring a central theme in our curriculum. The children’s natural curiosity about things changing make it a natural way to learn.

We also like to ensure that our parents know and understand what we are learning and what progress their child is making. We send home a short report each day, to keep our parents informed of basic milestones.

Your child’s growth and happiness is our main priority at My World!

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